Welcome to the Page Antique Tractor and Machinery Club website.chamber_logo_pms_ol_pm_lower-membership decal

Our members are interested in all types of antique farm and construction machinery.

Our big event was on the 1st full weekend in October but this year due to health problems our show has been canceled indefinitely.

To display any antique tractors, machinery and/or engines, etc.  at our event you must be an EDGE&TA member.

Membership in our club “PAT&MC” Page Antique Tractor and Machinery Club is $25 per year.  Out of that $12 goes to EDGE&TA for our liability insurance coverage and $13 goes toward helping with the expenses of our club.  If you are already a member of EDGE&TA and want to support our club and receive the newsletter 3-4 times a year, the membership fee is $13.

If you are interested in being part of our show just contact: Judy Kitson, 928-645-3962 or judy-kitson@canyoncountry.net or PO Box 2440, Page, AZ 86040


9 Responses to Home

  1. Riverbend Antique Tractor Club says:

    we are looking for liliailty insurance for our club( anitque tractor pullers).our insurance company has dropped all the clubs in our area. If you have any suggestions please let me know.
    Thank you,Ken Grant ( president )

  2. justjudy says:

    The main reason most clubs are members of EDGE&TA Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association is for the liability insurance coverage. http://www.edgeta.com/ Check it out.

  3. Peter Frijters says:

    Hi, would somebody please convey my admiration to Richard Christ for his beautiful restored Allis Chalmers WD 45 (4.5″ cilinder bore). We past by the Big Lake Trading Post on our trip from Cortez CO to Page AZ (Lake Powell) and obviously it caught my eye. It brings back old memories, my Grandpa had an almost identical tractor. it was a plain WD, without a muffler and it was really spitting fire in the dark. On this tractor I learned, as a little child of nearly 5 years old, how to drive one, I could operate the manual clutch and wasn’t allowed to touch anything else! Of course I took the liberty of taking a few pictures and they look great.
    Best regards,
    Peter Frijters
    The Netherlands

    Leo Vriesekoop must be from Dutch origin, I presume… A typical Dutch name!

  4. dustin baerwolf says:

    I was wondering if anyone was interested in old 1930 CC CASE, COMPLETE AND RUNS GREAT, FOR SALE 608 566 6709

  5. Torance Inman says:

    I have come across an old Page riding garden tractor. Cannot find puncture proof front tires. Need help.

  6. justjudy says:

    Where are you located? You might try Cal Ranch stores or even ebay. Also ask: Bonnie, bonnievanderhuls@aol.com they do a lot with garden tractors

  7. candace says:

    I have 2 page wheel weights if someone is interested

  8. barry rhew says:

    i have a page wheel weight if someone is interested

  9. Bryant says:

    Hello. I’m restoring a Page garden tractor and I’m having a hard time finding a coil. If anyone has any info for me I’d greatly appreciate it. I have s/n and spec number. Not sure on year though.

    Motor is a K161 (Kohler)

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